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Growth Marketing Manager

At VanMoof, we want e-commerce to be the powerhouse of our business. It already accounts for >50% of revenue, but we need you to vastly grow our audience and remove all friction from the funnel. 


We're a ballsy, innovative bike company with big ambitions. You're a mover/shaker who'll be responsible for exponentially growing VanMoof’s online revenue. How? Through smart media choices, and by ensuring that every online interaction with VanMoof is as effortless and intuitive as our bikes.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Ultimate ownership of online acquisition numbers, including media planning and execution of direct response and demand generation campaigns with our external partners.
  • Be responsible for ROI and conversion objectives.
  • Collaborate with the creative team to put out efficient and effective always-on campaigns on our paid channels that grow our audiences throughout the sales funnel.
  • Make data your domain -  turn raw data into sharp insights that help to improve customer experience every day.
  • Maximise SEO for, from definition of done for content and tech, to building VanMoof out to be the authority in its (link)domain.
  • Push our e-commerce platforms into new channels. Should we be selling on Facebook Messenger for example? We’re trusting you to tell us.
  • Use our online journal to grow the reach of VanMoof. Connect with the Content team to make sure that we leverage the blog for max value in the customer journey and SEO.
  • Developing new strategies for reaching and converting/up-selling existing customers. 
  • Create a measure for customer value, then develop metrics that tell us how much we can spend to acquire a Smart or Electrified buyer/subscriber.

Some requirements

First, the practical ones:

  • Minimum of 4 years’ hands-on experience in the worlds of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Comfortable maximising on margin, with budgets that grow as you hit the ROI targets
  • Comfortable with the methodology of build, measure, learn, repeat
  • Technical and hands-on enough to set up SEO/SEA, from managing a shopping feed to writing a development definition of done for SEO 
  • International experience is preferred, but not mandatory
  • Excellent spoken and written English required, with bonus points for Dutch (or German, Japanese, French, Danish)

Now, the touchy feely ones:

We want someone who wants to change the world with us.

We want to make the world a better place with our bikes, and to do that we need to get a lot more city-dwellers on them. We’re after someone who's got big ideas...and goes the extra mile to make it happen.

You’ll need to be as stubbornly focused as we are.

We do more with less here. But everything we do should have a growth lens to it, and it’ll be your job to make that happen.

And you'll need to be damn inventive.

We don't just want someone who can tick the boxes, we're looking for someone who can solve problems of all sizes, lean into the chaos, and help us get better every day. We're growing like crazy, so you'll also need the patience of a saint and the persistence of a bulldog. Things move fast here.

Do you think you can roll your sleeves up, and get your hands dirty in the making, building, problem-solving and growing we'll be doing in 2018? Even if you don't hit all the points above but have the gut feeling that you'd be a good fit, we'd love to talk.

Applications close January 19th, so be quick! Click the little yellow button below and let's get this party started.