Head of Global Content

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Head of Global Content

We know we've got potential to disrupt our industry and genuinely add value to peoples' lives with our amazing bikes. But almost no-one knows who we are or why we do what we do. We want you to lead the team that makes VanMoof famous. 


We're a ballsy, innovative bike company on the up-and-up. You're the mover/shaker who'll work with our internal creative and strategy team to produce a global content strategy. From there you'll oversee the creation of everything the world sees or hears from VanMoof.

Key responsibilities

  • Manage our in-house creative team; currently consisting of Comms Manager, Content Producer, Copywriter, Content Designer, and Filmmaker
  • Project manage like a beast to ensure we create the best possible work in the most efficient way (on time and budget)
  • Own VanMoof’s cheeky visual and verbal world, and improve it every day by creating fantastic content that shifts the required dials 
  • Bring vanmoof.com and VanMoof stores to life as key communications channels
  • Create a channel strategy together with the Communications Manager to agree on where/when/why we talk, to whom, and about what
  • Create advertising material that supports our sales objectives, and work closely with our media partners to ensure we have the right content for the right channel
  • Map the ideal customer journey from a rider's point of view, together with retail, support and online teams 
  • Develop content to improve the customer journey every week so that we are always relevant and on point  
  • Develop the annual brand plan together with the e-commerce and retail teams, then work with local markets to implement, always leaving room for local ‘topspin’

Some requirements

First, the practical ones:

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in one or more of the following functions: Head of Content, Brand Manager, Creative Team Leader, or Senior Project Manager
  • Comfortable managing budgets and leading a global team
  • Flexible, bold, and determined personality
  • International experience is preferred, but not mandatory
  • Excellent spoken and written English required, with bonus points for Dutch (or German, Japanese, French, Danish) 

Now, the touchy feely ones:

We want someone who wants to change the world with us.

We want to make the world a better place with our bikes, and we don’t think traditional marketing will make that happen. We’re after someone who wants to make things that make us famous, get more people riding bikes, and change the world...and then goes the extra mile to make it happen.

You’ll need to be as stubbornly focused as we are.

We do more with less here. But everything we do should be utterly on-brand, engaging, and effective; it’ll be your job to make that happen.

And you'll need to be damn inventive.

We don't just want someone who can tick the boxes, we're looking for someone who can solve problems of all sizes, lean into the chaos, and help us get better every day. We're growing like crazy, so you'll also need the patience of a saint and the persistence of a bulldog. Things move fast here.

Do you think you can roll your sleeves up, and get your hands dirty in the making, building, problem-solving and growing we'll be doing in 2018? Even if you don't hit all the points above but have the gut feeling that you'd be a good fit, we'd love to talk.

Applications close January 19th, so be quick! Click the little yellow button below and let's get this party started.