Berlin Retail Assistant

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Berlin Retail Assistant

We're looking for a VanMoof ambassador for our German embassy, aka the Berlin brand store.


We're looking for an energetic sales associate who'll connect with every customer stepping into our Berlin store and give them a memorable experience, VanMoof-style.

You'll be joining a highly dynamic, fast-growing company, so for the right candidate this will be a springboard to bigger and better things. Prove yourself, tell us where you want VanMoof to take you in the future, and we'll do everything we can to get you there. Starting by giving you your own VanMoof wheels, of course! 

Your key responsibilities:

  • Find creative and proactive ways to give every customer such a memorable experience that they shout our praises from the rooftops (or social media).
  • Keep our Berlin store looking its finest, and pitch ideas, hacks, and tweaks to make it even better for our customers.
  • Organize store operations and stock.
  • Build long-term customer relationships that go way beyond that first bike purchase.
  • Bring your love of cycling, empathy and hospitality to work every day, so you can sell bikes to cycling geeks, to cycling virgins, and everyone in between. 
  • Multitask like a pro. You'll need to jump between welcoming new customers, trouble-shooting broken bikes, creating amazing test-riding experiences, and picking up the phone. All with a smile on your face.
  • Become a walking encyclopaedia of all things VanMoof, so you can answer any and every question that comes your way. 
  • Be our customer's loudest and proudest advocate, flagging any issues that might get in the way of their happiness as quickly as possible.
  • Bonus points if you're not afraid to hold a wrench yourself every now and then (or be eager to learn a thing or two from the bike doctors), so you can help out a customer. 

You'll need to have: 

  • Experience in a retail or hospitality environment (not necessarily in cycling).
  • A passion for bicycles and/or cycling and/or commuting and/or making the world a better place.
  • A welcoming and hospitable spirit.
  • Great communication skills in German and English (bonus points for other languages)
  • The energy to be on your feet all day, without losing an ounce of positivity 
  • You're more of a peloton rider than a solo breakaway kind of rider

Does this sound like you? We'd love to meet you!