Senior Backend Developer

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Senior backend developer 

We're looking for the right person to help guide us into the brave new future of selling bikes online... like nobody's ever seen before.


You’re a super smart, technology-minded person who’s built world-class online services from the ground up. We’re a ballsy bike company looking to change the way the world thinks about owning—and buying—bikes. 

Key responsibilities

We're looking for a senior backend developer to drive our e-commerce, specifically, forward. With your skills and our killer bike technology, we’re planning to flip the entire model of the bike industry on its head.

The key we’re looking for: hands-on code know-how, with the ability to think bigger than just the app you’ve been coding this week. We’re looking for a lead developer to drive our future web platform development from the ground up, so you’ll need to get your hands dirty in both the nerdy parts and the planning that goes with it.

Basically, you have the triple-threat smarts, confidence and organizational skills to help us roadmap what we need to build, how we’ll get there and then start pushing us along that journey to transform the entire bike industry.

You’ll need to be OK with ambiguity, shifting deadlines and crazy ideas. We’re not shooting low here, and need you to be adaptable when the goal posts change on a weekly basis (or be able to call us our on our B.S. if it’s too much).

On top of that, you should be super comfortable explaining technical terms to other less-than-techy people. We’re a growing group of people from all backgrounds so it’s extremely important you’re able to tell the wider team why we’re choosing that complicated widget.

In return for all of this, you’ll get the freedom to define our digital strategy and the future of an entire industry. We’re only at Day One of changing the world, but technology is a core part of how we’re going to do that, and you’ll have a hand on the steering wheel with us.

We’re not being specific about silly things like React, Coffeescript or Angular because we don’t want to set it in stone. Along with you, we’re hoping to define the brave new world of bikes + the internet, not the other way around.

Here's the nitty-gritty we need from you
  • Hands-on experience building a web application from the ground up. Not just on top of WordPress, but addressing the entire stack. This role will focus on our e-commerce, but we don't want a cookie-cutter platform
  • Understanding of development trends and why we should use Node over PHP (or why we shouldn’t put CSS in our JavaScript)
  • Server administration skills and being super-comfy with the terminal
  • Grit, to help us build a culture of building the tools internally and rapid experimentation on wild ideas
  • Organization skills to help us get structure in place and start sprinting towards our goals, running meetings and communicating across teams
  • An eye for design, and if you can wireframe we’ll love you even more
  • People management experience, since you’ll be guiding our existing team of two and growing beyond that quickly
  • Ability to explain complicated concepts or technology in terms everyone can understand (we’re a bike company going digital!)

If you don't hit every single point above but feel like you'd be a great fit, we'd love to talk anyway. Hit 'Apply' to get chatting, or jump into our open application.

Note for recruiters: we do not work with recruiters and give priority to direct applications.