Resident Filmmaker

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We’re looking for a young, hungry, nimble filmmaker to move into VanMoof HQ as our resident storyteller for three to six months. 


As our resident filmmaker, you'll be tasked with making us famous in 2017 with gorgeous and sharable film content. In return, we’ll give you Tarantino-level creative freedom and an El Mariachi-sized production budget.

Key Responsibilities

Your first task will be taking people into the wild and wonderful world of our Bike Hunters, as they track down stolen SmartBikes, and mess with bike thieves along the way.

Along with that we’d also love you to create customer support content unlike any other. Sure, it needs to be helpful, but who says it can’t also be cheeky, ballsy, and totally sharable too?

And when you’re not chasing bike thieves through Casablanca, or using interpretive dance to show our riders how to grease their bike chains, you’ll be pitching and making the stories you believe we should tell to the world.

Internal Connections

Content Producer - They’ll clear the logistical and production hurdles so you can do what you do best.

Creative Team (Copywriter + Art Director) - Think of them as your partners-in-crime when it comes to concepting and executing great film content.

Key Requirements

At least two years filmmaking experience. Directing and storytelling experience is a must, editing skills are a bonus. We’ll provide you with a production budget so you can scale up your team when needed to make great stories happen.

Perfect spoken and written english, dutch is a bonus.

Bonus points if you have a little black book of great editors, DOPs, sound people and post-production experts you’d love to collaborate with over the next six months.

Working Hours

We’re pretty flexible here in terms of where you work, when you work, and how many hours you work. As long as you’re cranking out beautiful film content, we’ll be happy.